Fireside Festival began seven years ago as a way to bring together all of the local artists that were never able to see each other play due to their conflicting touring schedules. It's humble origins started in a lakeside home where the artists played all day and all night by a roaring fireplace on a cozy Sunday in January.

Since its conception, the festival has grown by leaps and bounds and so to have the venues, artist roster, and audience. 


Now in its seventh year, Fireside has transitioned into becoming a Kelowna music-lovers tradition that highlights the wealth of talent found right here in town. Furthermore, the festival offers a higher level performance platform that encourages career growth for Kelowna artists.

The festival is hosted over three nights and two days, showcases musical acts from both Kelowna and beyond, and has become a must-attend calendar event every January.​ The festival caters to all walks of life by hosting a variety of events at different venues for audiences members young and old.


Fireside has expanded to showcase acoustic acts in the day time, Hip Hop artists and DJs in the night time, capping off with the main show which features solo and group acts across genres from two pm to midnight for the Sunday main event.

The decor of each venue is curated by local design artists and emulates the same cozy living room ‘by the fire’ feeling that was experienced in the very first year. Each event serves uniquely Kelowna food and beverages, features local painters that create works of art in real-time, as well as tarot card readers, henna artists, merchandise booths, and much more! 


The unique result of Fireside is a wonderful, cozy, wintertime feeling of community connection and artistic appreciation. This festival makes anyone proud to be from and to support all that is Kelowna!

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